英 [ˈæd.və.taɪz]      美 [ˈæd.vɚ.taɪz]
  • vt. 通知;为…做广告;使突出
  • vi. 做广告,登广告;作宣传
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1、ad- "to" + vert- + -ise.
2、字面含义:turn toward. => turn sb to sth. => take notice of, give notice to sth, call attention to goods for sale, rewards, etc.
advertise 广告

前缀ad-, 去,往。词根vert, 转。吸引人们注意力的,广告。

advertise: [15] When it was originally borrowed into English, from French, advertise meant ‘notice’. It comes ultimately from the Latin verb advertere ‘turn towards’ (whose past participle adversus ‘hostile’ is the source of English adverse [14] and adversity [13]). A later variant form, advertīre, passed into Old French as avertir ‘warn’ (not to be confused with the avertir from which English gets avert [15] and averse [16], which came from Latin abvertere ‘turn away’).

This was later reformed into advertir, on the model of its Latin original, and its stem form advertiss- was taken into English, with its note of ‘warning’ already softening into ‘giving notice of’, or simply ‘noticing’. The modern sense of ‘describing publicly in order to increase sales’ had its beginnings in the mid 18th century. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the verb was pronounced with the main stress on its second syllable, like the advertise- in advertisement.

=> adverse, adversity, verse
advertise (v.)
early 15c., "to take notice of," from Middle French advertiss-, present participle stem of a(d)vertir "to warn" (12c.), from Latin advertere "turn toward," from ad- "toward" (see ad-) + vertere "to turn" (see versus).

Sense shifted to "to give notice to others, warn" (late 15c.) by influence of advertisement; specific meaning "to call attention to goods for sale, rewards, etc." had emerged by late 18c. Original meaning remains in the verb advert "to give attention to." Related: Advertised; advertising.
1. The players can advertise baked beans, but not rugby boots.
2. It's simply unethical to promote and advertise such a dangerous product.
3. I shall advertise for someone to go with me.
4. The Government will allow them to advertise on radio and television.
5. Religious groups are currently not allowed to advertise on television.


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